About the Life Saver Academy

 The Life Saver Academy is named for the  Life Savers Company building.   Port Chester is known for its strong industrial past and, undoubtedly, the Life Savers Company stands out as one of the most important businesses in the village’s history. Established in 1920, it was housed in an attractive white and green building that was accentuated by giant Life Savers candy rolls, suspended at the base of the building’s façade. The aroma of candy flavors wafting through the air was a familiar sensation to the village residents for many years. At its peak, the plant employed 650 people.  Life Savers’ operation in Port Chester closed in 1985, and the building was subsequently converted to condominiums.

 From: http://www.westchesterarchives.com/HT/muni/portCh/lifesavers.html