About The Tamarack Tower Academy

 The Tamarack Tower Academy is named for Tamarack Tower at the historical Port Chester High School. The tower has a working clock and bells. It can be seen from almost all of Port Chester. The Tamarack Tower Foundation, which is named after the bell tower at PCHS, is an organization that provides gifts, grants, and scholarships to the school    district through memberships, donations, community events and fundraisers.

Tamarack Tower Academy Teachers Email

Mr. Bisceglia, Academy Leader and ELA co-Teacher

Ms. Burns, Science co-Teacher

Ms. Dore, Social Studies Teacher

Ms. Ellis, Math Teacher

Mrs. Fannon, Social Studies co-Teacher

Ms. Goldstein, Math co-Teacher

Ms. Knox, Science Teacher

Mrs. Martinez, ELA Teacher

Ms. Ruggiero, Reading Teacher

Ms. Garcia - Social Studies Teacher

Special Area Teachers

Special Area classes include World Languages, Art, Music, Technology, Astronomy, Physical Education, and Family and Consumer Science (FACS).   

Learn more and link to your Special Area teachers.


Tamarack Tower Homework

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Tamarack Tower Resources and Events

  • NY State Math Test

    Students will be taking the NY State Math Test on Wednesday and Thursday, May 2 and 3rd in periods 1 through 4.


    Tamarack Tower Academy 6th Grade
  • New York State ELA Test - April 11 and 12

    Students will take the exam in the morning. Periods 1-4.


    Tamarack Tower Academy 6th Grade
  • Science-Knox/Burns


    Homework is due the day after it is assigned!

         *If it is not turned in, students can hand it in for partial credit the next day.  

         *If it is still not completed, that HW grade remains a zero. and it can NOT be made up.

    Tamarack Tower Academy 6th Grade
  • Math - All Periods

    Remember that part of your homework grade for each week from now until the end of June is one hour of Khan Academy per week.

    khanacademy.com, please use your "portchesterschools.org" account and student ID number.

    Tamarack Tower Academy 6th Grade
  • Science-Knox/Burns

    We have begun our WEATHER unit!!! Want to be a meteorologist???  Watch a weather forecast and listen to the weather elements they are talking about.  Let us know what you hear!

    Tamarack Tower Academy 6th Grade
  • Science-Knox/Burns

    Our MASS virtual lab!

    Tamarack Tower Academy 6th Grade

    Want to earn extra credit???

    *Whenever we are having a quiz or test in science, you can earn 5 extra points added onto your quiz/test grade.

    *Pick 1 of the strategies in the attachment and show it to Ms. Knox or Mrs. Burns before the quiz/test date!!!

    Tamarack Tower Academy 6th Grade
  • 6th grade trip to The Bronx Zoo

    October 23, 2017

    *Permission Slips and money are due by 10/13/17

    Tamarack Tower Academy 6th Grade
  • Math - Ellis/ Golstein, Ellis

    Attached are the Math expectations and the Math Facts Calendar that are being discussed at Back to School Night.

    Tamarack Tower Academy 6th Grade
  • Back to School Night

    September 8, 2017


    Come meet all your Tamarack Tower Academy Teachers!

    Tamarack Tower Academy 6th Grade